Brent is a young artist of Newfoundland, Canada. His studies in the Fine Arts/ Visual Arts have taken him from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in his native province to the University College of Falmouth, England. He currently produces his work in his personal studio where he also works on commission work. For information on Personal Commissions including portraits, landscapes, and whatever a patron requests, please: E-mail: Journeys in oil painting, watercolour and fabric art/ corsetry have been the artifice of his desire to promote social change and acceptance. Models clad in surreal couture amidst lavish and bizarre surroundings yearn for self realization. Their gazes mirror the primal insecurities which are the engine for growth and fulfillment. In his latest in progress collection, "Living Gowns", anthropomorhic garments actually spring to life in the form of black swans, sandhill cranes and exotic shells. In the sub-collection "Chameleon", historical floral wallpaper patterns are repeated on the models' dresses and even spring from the wall as vines to embrace the ladies. This and past collections have garnered a number of grants for their production. In the past collection, "Beyond Facades", the central process involves hand-crafting the corsets, photographing them on models and portraying the model in a painting which further the concept of the fashion. His ultimate goal is to stage a runway show/ art performance with the models in the corsets on the opening night of the exhibition which presents the related paintings. A closer relationship between painting and dress making is being considered in the form of painted panels emblazoning the bodics (like a Renaissance Altarpiece). This fusion of corsetry and painting persists and mutates into strange and exciting work which is the foundation of this budding career.